Shalaena Medford

Shalaena Medford is an American author who simply can’t pin herself into one genre. Her three available books are contemporary fantasy and steampunk; in the works are contemporary drama, cyberpunk, fantasy, and science fantasy. The age range of her works is young adult to new adult, though some sensitive themes and subjects do suggest audiences closer to new adult.

As someone who strives for inclusion, many of Shalaena’s characters are portrayed as being of LGBTQ+ persuasion, though it’s not often stated outright. Her most popular book, and the first in a series, follows a young woman who is described as “preferring the company of a woman, rather than a man.” And like all of us, her sexuality is not all she is. She is an aristocrat, a friend, and a pirate.

Her second passion after writing is editing (mostly her own work), followed by writing fanfiction, digital art, desktop publishing, fashion, video games, and building custom PC towers.

She formats her paperback interiors and cover typography layout herself, and hires indie artists for the cover art. She often admits to being a student of many but a master of none–to which her friends yell about being a ‘master at writing.’ Compliments make her uncomfortable, though, so she just makes odd noises and goes back to writing. 

Reviews detail her work as addicting; attention grabbing; deep, relatable characters; visual (more than one have said they saw it as a movie in their head, another person misremembered one of the books as a movie they thought they saw). But hey, telling you what others have said means nothing, right? See for yourself with chapter extracts (on her website) and book previews.

Shalaena’s Book – Those Who Wander

“Tsingsei “Song” Gould has always led a privileged life, never wanting for anything—except the freedom to be whomever she desires. Song has a secret, one that could bring shame to her family. One night when it is discovered she flees with a young street urchin who claims to know the location of a legendary treasure. Armed with a map and a stolen zeppelin they set off on the adventure of a lifetime.”

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She also has her digital works available on Gumroad.

And finally, you can check out all of her works from online libraries such as Overdrive, bibliotheca, Vivlio, and others.

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