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Blog Update – 7/9/2020

Blog Update – 7/9/2020

Hey, guys! We just wanted to take a moment and give you an update about the blog.

If you’ve poked around at all recently, you’ll see that some of the website has changed. Basically, we split the book reviews and blog posts into multiple categories to make them easier to navigate. Now, if you only want to see which Fantasy books we’ve reviewed, for example, you can! Or if you only want to read posts about “General Book Nonsense”, you can do that as well!

Another thing that has changed slightly is how we are doing our monthly giveaways! Instead of the giveaways being only for newsletter subscribers, we’ve opened it to everyone on our Facebook page. This is a much larger audience, and we’ve found that it is much easier to get in contact with the winners on Facebook than with email.

Blog Posts are also being sped up. Jasmine and I have recently been able to sit down and make a plan for the number of blog posts that we are going to post. We are each looking to post at least one blog post a week. The book reviews will fluctuate each month, as we don’t know how long the books will be until we read them!

We’ve also upgraded our methods of contact! We will always have Facebook, but we’ve created some forms to make it easier to ask us questions or submit books to be reviewed. You can get to both of these through our “Contact” tab, but I’ll put them here for you to check out, as well!

Contact Us

Submit a Book for Review

That’s all the new information for now! We are, as always, incredibly grateful for all of the support we’ve gotten with this website. We look forward to bringing you more books and posts in the future!

Jessica Prieto

Photo by Markus Winkler on Unsplash