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  • Esther: Royal Beauty
    Reviewed by: Jasmine Bennett I love this book for two main reasons: The level of research that the author did to improve the historical accuracy of this book, and the way it was written. It could be classified as a romance, but I […]
  • My Summer Reading List – Romance
    We’re coming in at the end of July. Summer is very quickly passing us by. It seems as if the days are passing at a speed so fast that I can hardly keep track anymore. As fall looms on the horizon, bringing with […]
  • Good Books and Dull Books: Study tips on how to read both
    By Jasmine Bennett Can you force yourself to read a bad or uninteresting book? Not really. But what if you’re compelled to read it? Maybe it’s a book that a friend wrote, or one that was recommended for you by a friend. I’ve […]
  • Interview with Shalaena Medford
    We were able to interview our June Author of the Month, Shalaena Medford, about her books and writing process! Read below to find out more about this talented author! “Writing is easy. Writing well is difficult. And writing an entire world with real […]
  • Blog Update – 7/9/2020
    Hey, guys! We just wanted to take a moment and give you an update about the blog. If you’ve poked around at all recently, you’ll see that some of the website has changed. Basically, we split the book reviews and blog posts into […]
  • How to Beat Writer’s Block
    It’s the bane of every writer, and it has taken the lives of countless books throughout history. Writer’s Block. That dreaded foe we, as writers, must face in our daily storytelling pursuits. However, we must not face this beast alone. I’ve compiled a […]
  • My Plotting Method
    As writers, we write. We create worlds and the characters that live in them. We weave together storylines into thrilling adventures that keep readers hooked. To do this effectively, we must build a compelling plot! However, over the years I have learned that […]
  • Interview with Bethany Hoeflich!
    It was my absolute pleasure to be able to conduct an interview with Bethany Hoeflich, author of the Dreg trilogy! As our June Author of the Month, I thought it would be incredibly beneficial for our readers to know just a bit more […]
  • More Blogs to Read!
    The world, as a whole, is going through some troubling times. The media is full of things that can scare or worry us to no end. I know my own Facebook is often full of information about COVID-19, riots here in the U.S., […]
  • Types of Fiction
    Novel. Novella. Short Story. Flash Fiction. No doubt you have heard these terms before. You might have an understanding that a novel is a long book, such as Harry Potter or Twilight. The novella and short story are shorter, but by how much? […]
  • Writing Tips: Creating Believable Characters
    If you spend much time at all on this blog, you will soon come to find that characters are my very favorite thing about…well…anything! Whether I’m reading, playing Dungeons and Dragons, or trying a new video game, the characters are what I love […]
  • My Must-Have Book
    I have read a lot of books in my life. Some of my favorites include the Mistborn series by Brandon Sanderson, Harry Potter by J.K. Rowling, and the Wild Magic series by Tamora Pierce. However, none of those have such history with me […]
  • Writing Tips: Avoiding the Clich├ęs of Description
    The coffee shop might seem like the perfect place to work on your novel, short story, or poetry, but it does not always lend inspiration for description. Often, consciously or unconsciously, we write regurgitated description in our books that we have already read […]
  • Welcome to Remnant Inklings!
    Welcome to Remnant Inklings, a blog and review for books! Our names are Jessica Prieto and Jasmine Bennett, and we live in the wonderful state of Michigan. Both reading and writing have been passions of ours for years, and so when we were […]