Welcome to Remnant Inklings!

Welcome to Remnant Inklings!

Welcome to Remnant Inklings, a blog and review for books!

Our names are Jessica Prieto and Jasmine Bennett, and we live in the wonderful state of Michigan. Both reading and writing have been passions of ours for years, and so when we were talking about a new adventure to start, this blog came to mind! Why not share our love of books with others?

This blog is going to be a place for all things books! We have a page for book reviews, where we will leave our thoughts and opinions on some books that aren’t as well known or from independent writers. I’ve found that there are a lot of gems out there that have been self-published. Once a month, we will also be choosing an author for our monthly author spotlight. We encourage you to check out the spotlight and support some amazing authors. Our blog will also be a large part of this website. We’ll be posting about anything and everything related to reading and writing!

We are planning on having at least one blog post a week. The book reviews will be as numerous as we can make them, balancing reading with our lives.

We would love to have our readers take part in this blog! Using our contact page, you can send us emails with questions that you want answered in a blog, books we should read and review, or authors that you feel deserve a place in the spotlight! Any other questions, comments, or concerns are also welcome!

Thank you for coming to our blog, and we hope that it’s one that you find some enjoyment and inspiration in

Jessica P.

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