Bethany Hoeflich

Bethany Hoeflich is a young adult fantasy/urban fantasy writer who lives in central Pennsylvania. She lives with her husband, three children, three cats, and a corn snake named Trix. She has a Fine Arts Major, for which she says “Writing is just painting with words, after all!”

When she’s not writing, she stays at home keeping her three “womb gremlins,” as she calls them, alive. She also enjoys cooking, narwhal wrestling, googling random tidbits, rock collecting, competitive taco eating, and “traversing the terrifying hellscape” that is her brain.

According to Hoeflich, books have always had a large part in her life. So much so that one summer, her father threatened to lock her out of the house so that she could enjoy the outdoors after she binge-read the Saddle Club series. She says that she grew up reading the books of Tolkien and Lewis, as fantasy has been a favorite of hers to escape reality.

“Being able to create my own stories is a joy. I love writing books that will bring readers enjoyment and enable them to escape their own realities for a few hours at a time.”

Bethany Hoeflich

Book One of the Dreg Trilogy: Dreg

“Nineteen-year-old Mara has spent her whole life wondering why the old Magi refused to awaken her Gift. With no magical ability to call her own, Mara faces a life of persecution with no value, no power, and no purpose.

When a charming new Magi arrives in her village of Stonehollow, Mara expects more of the same. Instead, she’s thrust into a dangerous tangle of secrets and lies that will shatter everything she thought she knew.

Now, Mara must flee the Order— a powerful organization of Magi who will do anything to capture her before she can expose the truth.”

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