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Jasmine Bennett

Jasmine Bennett lives in the beautiful state of Michigan and is married to her wonderful husband, Corbett. She has been into reading and writing for over a decade, and taken multiple writing classes to further her ability. She loves all kinds of writing, including poetry, fiction novels, and fiction short stories. She would win writing contests in highschool and her local county fair, furthering her excitement to continue writing.

Jasmine’s favorite pastimes are jogging, baking, and doing outdoor activities. She has a hobby farm with a garden, a miniature donkey, chickens, and a bee hive. She finds most of her creative writing inspiration from nature.

“Nature is genuine, moves with time, but it is unspoken. It simply exists.”

Jessica Prieto

Jessica lives in Michigan with her wonderful husband and adorably sassy cat, Asuna. She is currently a student at Southern New Hampshire University and plans to graduate in the next couple of years with a Creative Writing Degree.

Writing has long been a passion of hers. She can remember writing stories in second grade about forest animals that resembled her friends. Her writing took a fan-fiction turn in middle school when she was introduced to the popular boy band One Direction. Since then, fantasy has been her passion, telling stories of flawed heroes, daunting villains, magic, and the occasional dragon.

In addition to writing, Jessica enjoys reading, playing video games, gardening, and enjoying a nice cup of coffee.


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