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  • Esther: Royal Beauty
    Reviewed by: Jasmine Bennett I love this book for two main reasons: The level of research that the author did to improve the historical accuracy of this book, and the way it […]
  • My Summer Reading List – Romance
    We’re coming in at the end of July. Summer is very quickly passing us by. It seems as if the days are passing at a speed so fast that I can hardly […]
  • Good Books and Dull Books: Study tips on how to read both
    By Jasmine Bennett Can you force yourself to read a bad or uninteresting book? Not really. But what if you’re compelled to read it? Maybe it’s a book that a friend wrote, […]
  • Interview with Shalaena Medford
    We were able to interview our June Author of the Month, Shalaena Medford, about her books and writing process! Read below to find out more about this talented author! “Writing is easy. […]

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July Author Spotlight: Shalaena Medford

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